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Nescafé declares the brand website 'dead' as it moves to all their web sites to Tumblr blogs

Nescafé has consolidated its global portfolio of websites and moved it on to a blog platform.

The Nestle-owned brand is hoping the move to Tumblr will engage it with a younger demographic and open it up to more user-generated content in a way that the traditional website doesn’t allow for. The refreshed strategy will see Nescafé move away from traditional social media brand pages and what it has described as their ‘rented relationships’ with consumers. Instead it wants to focus “on creating real life conversations with people.”

Speaking to The Drum as the new platform rolled out, Michael Chrisment global head of integrated marketing at Nescafé said the brand is looking to engage in ‘owned media territory’.

“The dotcom is reflection of us talking to people; this approach is dead. It should be much more inclusive and allow conversations,” he said. “[Tumblr] is fostering that possibility to co-create.”

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