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Mark Zuckerberg writes on Facebook:


At Mobile World Congress today we announced the Telecom Infra Project, part of our efforts to connect the world through is made up of many separate programs, including a few focused on developing new types of infrastructure to connect people in the world's most remote communities. Through ideas like solar-powered aircraft and satellites that can beam down internet through lasers, and community wi-fi hotspots, we can reach communities that are difficult or expensive to reach with traditional infrastructure.

Today we’re taking the next step by partnering with telecom companies to develop new technologies that will reduce the cost of building mobile networks all over the world.

Our inspiration for this initiative is the Open Compute Project, an effort launched by Facebook in 2011 where we open sourced our server, network and data centers designs to promote collaboration that has led to faster innovation and billions of dollars in efficiency savings across the industry. This new effort will follow the same principles of open technology design and collaboration, and we hope the cost savings from greater efficiency will be passed along to people by making their data plans cheaper and making it affordable for operators to extend their networks to places it hasn't traditionally been cost effective to do so. In this way, TIP will help us connect the world much faster.

Facebook is working with more than 30 partners including Deutsche Telekom, Intel, Nokia and SK Telecom to develop new technologies that can help connect people faster and more efficiently, from infrastructure that can help connect the unconnected in developing countries to ways to accelerate the growth of 5G networks -- which will deliver richer forms of content like video and VR.

I'm looking forward to discussing the new Telecom Infra Project as well as the other different programs of later today at my fireside chat at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Note: Why do we re-publish these posts on our blog? Because Mark Zuckerberg writes directly on Facebook. Even though the posts are public, not everybody might be able to read it. They can now.

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